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Wacky Tubes
Our tubes are salt impregnated just like the rest of our baits. With a triple dip molding process, these tubes have some of the most vibrant colors on the market today.
6" Flippin tube -
4" Flippin tube - This is the tried and true standard tube with a 2 1/2" body and 1 1/2" tails.
6"/5ct., 4"/10ct. @ $3.99
6"/25ct., 4"/50ct. @ $16.99
6" Flippin Tube Available Colors
Black Blue FLK Black Red Flk Pearl
Light Melon Pepper Watermelon pepper Watermelon Red FLK

 4" Flippin Tube Available Colors
Black Blue flk
Black Purple Silver flk
Black Red flk
Blue Gill
Bubblegum Ice
 Dark Melon Purp/gold flk
Dark Melon Purple flk
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin Purple flk
Green Pumpkin Red flk
 Light Melon Gold flk
  Light Melon Pepper
 Light Melon Purple flk
 Pumpkin Purple flk
 Pumpkin Seed
 Road Kill
Smoke Purple flk
 Smoke Red flk
 Watermelon purp/gold flk
 Watermelon Purple flk
 Watermelon Red
 Watermenlon Seed
 Light Melon Pepper w/ Gold & copper flk  Chart. Pepper Clear Silver Black Flk
 Green Pumpkin Blue core  Bubblegum  Green Pumpkin Copper Chart. Tail
Green Pumpkin Organge core  Green Pumpkin Chart. core black 
 Grape Silver flk Black w/ red core  Green pumpkin w/ red core 
 Pearl Blue & black Flk.
 Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail
 Watermelon Burst
 Smoke Melon
 Watermelon Candy
3" Tube Available Colors
(10ct.=$3.99 & 50ct.=$15.99)
Green Pumpkin 
 Green Pumpkin Red flk
   Light Melon Pepper
Light Melon Gold and Copper Flk.
Soft Shell Crawfish Smoke Purple
Goby Chart. Core Goby Blue Core Goby Purple Core
Smoke Melon Green Pumpkin Blue Killer Green Pumpkin/Watermelon
Tsunami Craw Winter Craw Green Pumpkin/Junebug Core
Goby Orange Core Black Red Flk. Junebug
Dirty Green Pumpkin Green Pumpkin Chart. Core Light Melon Purple
Roadkill Purple Core Roadkill Orange Crush Pumpkin Lauger Purple
New Shell Crawfish Dirty Avocado Purple Flk.
Light Smoke Purple

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